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Rank the X-Men movies

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    Global Phenomenon

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In Chronological order:


X-men 8.5/10


X2: X-Men United 9.5/10


X-Men: The Last Stand 5.5/10


X-Men Origins: Wolverine 5/10


X-Men: First Class 8.0/10


The Wolverine 6.5/10


X-Men: Days of Future Past N/A



    Global Phenomenon

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X-Men. B

X2. A-

X-Men: the Last Stand. D-

X-Men: Wolverine. B-

X-Men: First Class. B+



    Sleeper Hit

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X-men = 8/10


X2: X-Men United = 9/10


X-Men: The Last Stand = 4/10


X-Men Origins: Wolverine = 5/10


X-Men: First Class = 8/10


The Wolverine = 7/10



    Global Phenomenon

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X-Men: C+

X2: X-Men United: B

X-Men: The Last Stand: C-

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: D

X-Men First Class: A-

The Wolverine: B

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Goffe Rises

Goffe Rises


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X-Men C+ (60)

X2 B+ (85)

X3 B (75)

Origins D+ (35)

First Class B+ (80)

The Wolverine A- (90)





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I liked it alot when i first saw it as a kid, after rewatching it many times i have to admit it isn't quite as good as i remembered it to be and it does not age good.



X-Men 2:

Loved it back then, love it now. Imo one of the best superheromovies to date.



X-Men 3:

For fanfiction it was good. For an X-Men movie after which the series shall continue it's just meh. This movie was saved by using two of the most interesting premises the X-Universe has to offer. X-Men could be the leading Comicbookmoviefranchise today, this movie is one of the two reasons it isn't.



X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

The second reason the X-Movies aren't as big as they could be. In contrast to X3 i didn't even really enjoyed this while first watching. Hugh Jackman is the only reason i don't hate this movie.



X-Men: First Class

I went in with low expectations and was blown away. It was the first X-Movie for one of the guys who went to the cinema with me and i really got the feeling he felt the same way as myself, when i watched X-Men 1 for the first time. There are many little things about this movie, that i don't really like, but overall this movie is the reason i have hope for the future X-Men movies.



The Wolverine

I hyped this movie before its release and in the end after watching it I was a bit dissappointed. It is entertaining, easy to access and has some great performances, but not more. Still liked it and maybe the Extended Cut will make me like this movie more.




    Indie Sensation

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X-Men First Class
X-Men 2 (on re-watch realized it hadn't aged as well as I hoped)

X-Men 1
X-Men 3
A nature documentary on wolverines
Wolverine Origins 




    Box Office Gold

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X-Men B-
X2 A-
The Last Stand C
First Class A
The Wolverine B
XO: Wolverine... Fuck you, Fox


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